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Nutrition Response Testing®

Through Nutritional Response Testing® (NRT), we can utilize the nervous system to determine which specific organs are compromised or are unbalanced. Many conditions, including those involving dermatologic, gastrointestinal, neurological, musculoskeletal, endocrine, neoplastic and even behavioral issues can be attributed to chronic unrecognized nutritional deficiencies and environmental factors.

There are seven common stressors that inhibit a pet’s ability to heal. These include food sensitivities, scars, pathogens (bacterial, yeast, fungus, viruses, parasites), chemical burden, heavy metals, radiation and electromagnetic fields (EMF’s). One of these stressors may be the main block to the healing process or may be causing a switch in the nervous system which confuses the body’s natural healing capacity.


We can handle many of these stressors with nutrition. NRT uses the animal’s innate neurologic response to these stressors by testing a muscle reflex. The reflexes are the body’s way of communicating to us the health of the nervous system,

which is quite specific in how it conducts information to every organ in the body. This testing includes a full body scan to evaluate all organs, glands and musculoskeletal structures. The analysis will be performed by the tester contacting the reflex area with one hand, while the other hand is testing the muscle of her indirect tester’s extended arm. If the reflex being tested is stressed, the pet’s nervous system will respond by reducing energy to the indirect tester’s arm, which will result in a weakening of the muscle and the arm will go down. This weak muscle response is an indication of underlying organ stress. Once this weakness is identified, we then determine which of the common stressors might be causing the poor organ function. In order for the body to handle the stressor and to nourish that organ, it is often determined that the pet requires specific nutritional support using whole food supplementation.

The information obtained by the muscle testing will allow us to formulate a specific clinical nutritional program for your pet to allow them to start healing. Once your pet’s nutritional program has been started, we will monitor his or her progress and adjust the program as needed.

Initial Consultation (90-minutes): $150


To schedule an appointment, please call us at (262) 465-6801, or complete the online appointment request by clicking the button below.

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